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I went to Queenstown, New Zealand with my package and absolutely loved it! The activities that you set us up with were amazing and Queenstown itself is the most beautiful place in the world! The Milford Sound tour was amazing and showed the gorgeous land that New Zealand has to offer.  I wanted to stay in NZ and finish my study abroad exchange there! Queenstown I think is a hidden treasure of the world and definitly a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life!    Victoria Kruse



I actually booked through your company twice in 2 months both headed to Fiji’s Mantaray Island Resort in the Yasawas! This past fall 2013, I was a student studying at the University in Suva, Fiji. I actually heard about your travel agency from other students.. Thankfully, I was happy to find out that I could still able to take part and receive your services. I loved Mantaray Island so much I went twice all with your help! Through your company, I was pleased with the friendly and organized service! Thank you for being there for my Fiji trip!  Megan Robinson



My trip was amazing! The city is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Pictures do not even do it justice. I loved how many outdoorsy activities there were at my fingertips. Everything was in easy walking distance which was perfect for the day time as well as the nightlife. 

Everything provided by you was awesome. The hostel, was one of the nicest ones I have stayed at, the Milford Sound cruise was beautiful and made for pretty awesome pictures, and the Gondola/Luge ride was a blast! I highly recommend staying a few additional nights on your own dime because it is such an awesome vacation.  Thanks :) Jordyn



My travel package was to the Whitsundays and I had an absolutely amazing time. I went with friends who were not travelling with me the whole time but I was still able to book everything through you and then they booked the same things separately and it worked perfectly. I really enjoyed my trip and appreciated the support of your staff during the process. Thank you!   Mariana Berenguer



We had a wonderful experience at Airlie Beach!  Looking back on my time in Australia, this was definitely one of the best memories I have had..  Exploring the Whitsunday Islands was a once in a lifetime experience, and I am so thankful that I was able to see such a beautiful area at such a young age.  I remember thinking that that trip was the type of thing you do one a honeymoon or when you are retired!  The water we swam in was crystal clear and the sand on the beaches was the whitest I've ever seen.  Snorkeling among the islands was really neat and I was even able to encounter a sea turtle.  Scenic lunch on Whitehaven Beach topped off that amazing day.  I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys the beach.  The Whitsunday Islands are hands down the most gorgeous beaches I have ever experienced and I will never forget them!   Thanks for all of your help along the process,  Amy Ferguson​



If exploring the wet tropics is on your list of things to do book through these guys, they know all the crazy stuff to do in and around cairns!!! 

First class service with a smile  Nick Dametto


We had the best experience with Gilligan's Travels. Travel agent Lindsey spent lots of time planning our trip down the East coast and did an amazing job. She even supported us in every way possible when we had a few issues with our credit cards. Five stars!  Su Saenni  

I   came up two weeks ago to hangout in Cairns. I did not plan anything, but after a 10 minute talk with Renee I had two of the best weeks of my life planned. I told Renee what I wanted to do, and she provided me with a host of amazing opportunities to meet my goals. Gilligan's Travelers made it happen.  Thanks Yall!  Nick Cutia


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