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The Gilligan’s Adventure Package


Named after all things awesome!  This 6 day package includes the best and most fun activities Cairns has to offer!

Day 1!  Skydive jumping at 14,000 ft over the stunning rainforest and reef of Cairns. Day 2! Head north on the Active Tropics Cape Tribulation 1 day tour, which includes a rainforest tour and a crocodile cruise in the Daintree National Park! Day 3! A white sand island and reef tour on a Passions of Paradise snorkeling excursion. Day 4!  Enjoy an amazing and fun day out on Uncle Brian’s, swimming across lakes to waterfalls, seeing unique wildlife rainforest! Day 5!  Raging Thunder Xtreme Rafting on the Tully River day, complete with a cliff jump to start your day off and rafting in the best way!  The Xtreme way!  Backwards down rapids and navigating the more difficult parts of the river! Day 6! Finish your holiday with the one thing you absolutely must cross off your bucket list! An AJ Hackett Bungy Jump, free-falling over rainforest from the world famous AJ Tower!

  •  Skydive 14,000 ft 
  • Cape Tribulation One day tour
  • Snorkel - Passions of Paradise
  • Uncle Brian s Waterfalls and Ranforest
  • Raging Thunder Rafting
  • AJ Hackett Bungy Jump